About the Symposium

Co2morrow Installation, Royal Academy, London

In a networked global culture, sophisticated multimedia is quickly becoming the worldwide currency. A longtime staple in the industries of advertising and entertainment, multimedia has now carved a new niche for itself: academia.

Unlike the wealth of text-based examples, however, multimedia scholarship remains limited and uncodified. One of the major challenges is the lack of models or exemplars – to whom do we turn for guidance in such a new and burgeoning field? The Digital Studies Symposium is designed to rectify this gap, introducing us to the often hard-to-find scholarly media-based research and production, much of which is centered in Southern California.

The speakers in this series are a mix of artists, programmers, scholars and designers, and their projects include cutting edge gestural interfaces, mobile media experiments, innovative websites and augmented reality pieces. These multimedia pioneers will discuss the creation and culmination of their work, as well as the rewards and challenges of producing scholarly multimedia.

The lectures will be moderated by Holly Willis, the Director of Academic Programs at the Institute for Multimedia Literacy. Willis is the editor of The New Ecology of Things, on design and pervasive computing, and the author of New Digital Cinema: Reinventing the Moving Image, which chronicles the advent of digital filmmaking tools and their impact on contemporary media practices.

NOTE: The Digital Studies Symposium is also a USC course, titled IML 466: Digital Studies Symposium. It is open for enrollment credit to all USC students, but it is also open and free to the public.